Being able to deliver a consistent and seamless experience for both remote and office workers is a challenge for internal IT teams - not only do you need to ensure you have the infrastructure to enable it, you also need the resource to support it. Backbone’s hosted desktop solution provides access to your organisation’s applications and data securely from anywhere and from any device, with the exact same look and feel.


Of Employees report Higher Efficiency working from home



employees do a portion of their work remotely



of PC users feel a Hosted Desktop is more secure


Let us help you standardise your work environment, regardless of where your teams are located.

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Over 100 companies went before you

More competitive, productive and with minimal risk. Let them tell you what it means for their business.

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Sector: Insurance
Challenges: Mobility, resilience

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Sector: Insurance
Challenges: Integration, regulation

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Sector: Entertainment
Challenges: Always online, user friendly

Embracing cloud, the Backbone way

Since our inception in 1998, Backbone has focussed on bringing enterprise level technology and resilience to the SME marketplace, leading to a full adoption of hosting and cloud solutions as early as 2002.

Today, building on decades of experience, Backbone delivers a highly secure, persistent Windows 10 Desktop accessible from any device, anywhere in the world. On this platform, your team will experience:

Minimal local issues: No more time lost on internal firefighting

Lower hardware dependency: Cut costs without cutting performance

Full control of your estate: Simplify your security and compliance

Predictable user experience: Granular centralised Desktop management and provisioning

Manage IT expenditure: scale up and down in minutes, with predictable costs

Backbone’s platform in a nutshell

Focussed on performance

Backbone’s primary focus is on providing best-in-business end-user computing services to help you make the most of your workforce and technology. On our platform, we combine a range of high-performance virtualization services with robust management to help you fully – and successfully – embrace digital transformation and become a smarter, more productive business.

Built on experience

Backbone services are built on a foundation of performance and security, backed up with fully-managed, 24/7 support to help you implement, maintain and optimize your environment. These aren’t the virtual desktops of years gone by: The Backbone Hosted Desktop is a powerful business tool and ally that will help you achieve your goals for years to come.

Driven by relationships

We strive to make you successful; your growth fuels ours. Maybe because of this we have business relationships with companies that go back more than ten years, seeing them grow from start-up to big player in their industry.


What you get from us

A solution completely tailored to you and your organisation, hosted and supported by Backbone

Unparalleled reliability and resilience - N+1 redundancy, only stored on solid state disks

24/7 technical support from our experienced and knowledgeable in-house team

Support for third party legacy applications that haven’t been cloudified

Completely scalable resource - add new workstations in minutes

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